Alerts on UK Xmas Ads: Bouncing High

David Whitelam, Head of New Client Development at BrainJuicer, reflects on 2016’s UK Christmas adverts – highlighting John Lewis’ “Buster the Boxer” Christmas advert and what makes it a 4-Star performance.

John Lewis wanted to make people smile this year with an ad that embraces a sense of fun and magic. They’ve certainly managed to achieve that with the appropriate help of a trampoline and some animal assistance.

With a hallmark “classic cover” soundtrack, the advert creates plenty of joy and surprise from viewers as they see an assortment of airborne woodland creatures enjoying the new trampoline, as a wistful Buster watches on. The advert then ends on a real (and literal!) high with Buster’s final bout of gleeful bouncing.


Our testing showed that a strong majority of consumers are indeed left feeling happy, driven by a sense that the Magic of Christmas is captured, reminding everyone what it feels like to give the perfect gift. The cuteness of the animals is, unsurprisingly, not too far behind as a reason for happiness. There is dynamism too, not just on the trampoline, but emotionally, as viewers empathise with Buster’s mood.

On our 1-to-5 Star scale, the advert achieves a strong 4 Stars and, with the added bandwagon (more a bandjuggernaut) of publicity, social media buzz will help no end in making John Lewis even more mentally available to shoppers when present buying time arrives.

Well bounced, Buster!

Watch John Lewis’ “Buster the Boxer” on BrainJuicer’s FeelMore50™.

2014 Christmas Ads: The Emotional Winners Revealed

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for emotional British ads. Or that’s become the traditional view of Christmas – a time when the UK’s advertisers (especially for big retail brands) put on their party frocks, let down their hair and go all out to make us feel something festive.

Which makes Christmas time a particularly interesting one for us at BrainJuicer, where we love nothing more than getting a big batch of ads we can test. Which of this year’s British Christmas crop make people feel the most? We tested a lot more than the ones showing in this post – and we’ll be rolling up the full results of our tests into the FeelMore Global list of the 50 most emotional ads of 2014, so watch for that in the new year. But for now here’s a count-up – from a straight-to-video 1-star ad to a blockbuster 5-star success – of some of this year’s efforts.

xmas ads star chart v2 jpg

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Advertising Idol?

The idea that people care more about the ads than the game at the Super Bowl has gone beyond a quip and into a kind of truism. And certainly looking at the “post-game” reports today there’s no question that Monday morning quarterbacking applies as much to Jeep, M&Ms and GoDaddy as it does to the Ravens and 49ers.

We’re not immune – we’ve been testing ads before and after the game and you can expect a full report on the emotional play-by-play soon (it’ll be a key part of this webinar, for a start). But in this post I just want to think about what a unique phenomenon the Super Bowl ad fest is. It’s like something out of a marketer’s fever dream – an event, one of the most-watched in the world, in which people’s expectations are explicitly focusing on the ads as well as the action.

Budweiser’s Clydesdale won the USA Today poll last night in 60 ultra-emotional seconds.

Other sporting events – and brands – are trying to get a slice of this. There’s a definite curiosity about what Nike or Coke will get up to when the FIFA World Cup rolls around, for instance. But that’s every four years, and the Super Bowl is every year. Could it get any better? Continue reading