FeelMore50 2016: UPS Keeps On Truckin’

Great news for fans of advertising that makes people feel more and buy more! The 2016 FeelMore50 ranking launched yesterday– our annual list of the global Top 50 most emotional ads. Congratulations to Doritos, whose hilarious “Dogs” takes the top spot – proof once again that the Super Bowl is where US advertisers invest most heavily in making audiences happy.


But this year’s FeelMore50 goes a lot deeper than just the global ranking. Our new look website also features micro-rankings for the first time, looking at the most successful ads not just by region but by format (short-form, long-form and digital-only), by industry sector, and by event (from the Rio Olympics through the UK Christmas Ads to this year’s Super Bowl). Over the next week on the blog we’ll be spotlighting some of the most intriguing ads and trends we’ve found, starting with our #1 winner in the digital category (and #2 overall), UPS’ Wishes Delivered: Driver Training Camp. Continue reading

Get Ready For The 2016 FeelMore 50!

Next Tuesday we’ll be unveiling our latest set of FeelMore50 results – the Top 50 most emotional ads released or given awards in 2016, from all around the world. Visitors can expect laughing horses and disguised dogs, stressed Moms and obsessed Dads, and plenty of other routes to Feeling taken by advertisers over the past year.


This year for the first time we’re also including our new Micro Rankings – sub-charts broken down by media, so you can see the most emotional and effective long-form, short-form and purely digital advertising. We’re doing this because there’s never been a better time to take a hard look at the emotional efficiency and long-term branding potential of digital ads in particular. Continue reading

FeelMore50™ Ad of the Moment: Hungry Hounds Against the Forces of Authority

Welcome back to another FeelMore50 “Ad of the Moment” spotlight! With the Super Bowl just around the corner we felt it’d only be fitting to shine a light on 2016’s FeelMore50 Super Bowl winner – Super Bowl 50’s most emotional ad of the night – PepsiCo’s Doritos “Dogs”.

This 30 second spot that ran during the third quarter, keeps it short, simple and funny.  The three dogs yearn for bags of Doritos they see inside the grocery store. The only problem, no dogs allowed! Watching the dogs try multiple tactics to sneak into the store, you cannot help but laugh at the whit of these furry creatures. And with a fun, playful soundtrack in the background it keeps the viewer feeling upbeat and cheerful throughout. The peak of emotion comes in when the Dogs create a successful plan to get their Doritos – and you can’t leave out the memorable reaction from the cashier.


This crowdsourced ad (in collaboration with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners) keeps a light-hearted and humourous theme throughout, leaving viewers with high levels of happiness and surprise, earning it an Emotion-into-Action™ score of 90.90 and a well-deserved 5-Star rating. PepsiCo’s Doritos ‘Dogs’ is an example of the best of brands striving to make consumers feel something, which translates to long term brand growth.

It’s a shame Doritos has ended their “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign – which was built on short crowdsourced skits – but they sure ended it on a high note.

Each year, BrainJuicer tests the Super Bowl ads – an event for which brands are known to part from the persuasion-based models of traditional advertising and take a chance at developing emotional, truly fame building creative – with its validated, award-winning BrainJuicer Ad Testing methodology. If a consumer feels nothing, they will do nothing. If they feel more, they’ll buy more.

A big congratulations to Doritos on their 2016 Super Bowl win, and with Super Bowl 2017 just around the corner we can’t help but ask who will take home the top spot this year. To find out join us 5 February (the night of the Super Bowl) as we live test the ads of the Super Bowl to reveal their emotional scores in real time! And join us the following day for our fifth annual FeelMore50 Super Bowl webinar.

FeelMore50™ Ad of the Moment: One Man’s Adorable Quest to Master the English Language

Welcome back to another FeelMore50 “Ad of the Moment” spotlight. Since we discovered the Polish auction website Allegro’s holiday ad, “English for Beginners,” we’ve fallen in love. This Polish ad was created by the Warsaw agency Bardzo and was directed by Sweden’s Jesper Ericstam of The Social Club.

Continue reading

Super Bowl 50: The 10 Best Ads, The 5 Biggest Myths

The pundits said that humour would dominate Super Bowl 50. And while there wasn’t much to smile about if you were a Carolina Panthers fan, for everyone else the pundits were exactly right. Many of the Top 10 ads of the 2016 Super Bowl go straight for the funnybone. And that’s good news – ads that make people feel more also make people buy more, and little feels better than laughter.

We were able to test all the night’s ads overnight thanks to our research partners ZappiStore, and can reveal that a mighty eight ads hit our 5-Star rating (in total, around 4% of all ads get this score.) There were duds too – though let’s be fair, if you’ve made an ad starring a man in a human-size toenail fungus suit, “feelgood” may not be what you’re aiming for. But here’s a quick tour of some of the 4- and 5-star winners in the Top 10 – and along the way, a gentle puncturing of five persistent Super Bowl myths. Continue reading

FeelMore50 World Tour: UK – An Opportunity In Waiting

Our region-by-region tour of this year’s FeelMore50 list of the world’s most emotional ads concludes with a visit to the UK. Check out our overviews of Asia, North America, Latin America and Continental Europe too!

There are some fine ads in the UK FeelMore Top 10, with Christmas proving, as usual, a source of many of the best British commercials. But strip away the tinsel and a different story emerges. This was not a banner year for emotional advertising in the UK. Only six ads hit 4-Star status, and only two make it on to the main FeelMore50 list.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-CiTy6T3Bg]

Hats off to Mars’ charming Celebrations Xmas ad, with its living ornaments, and to the UK winner, Welcome To Kitten Kollege, in which Whiskas combined cuteness and deadpan British humour to happy effect. Continue reading

FeelMore50 World Tour: Europe – Advertising With Style

We continue our region-by-region tour of this year’s FeelMore50 list of emotional advertising with a look at Continental Europe.

In 2014, Europe gave us our FeelMore50 winner, the unforgettable and hilarious “Emma” by Le Trefle.

This year, European agencies continue to prove themselves masters of the traditional TV spot. If you want 30 seconds or a minutes’ worth of storytelling and fun, Europe will deliver. Continue reading