Emotion + Culture = Prosperity!

Adorable snowmen, woolly hats and scarves, and a heart-warming story of togetherness… this ad from China could be a typical Western Christmas-themed ad. But the fireworks might give you a clue that this Coca-Cola commercial is something a little different. And if you’re Chinese, you’ll know exactly what. The Year of the Rooster is upon us, and this Coke ad is a terrific example of how to mix universal emotion and specific cultural cues to brilliant effect.

Great celebrations demand great advertising, and the Chinese New Year is no exception. With billions of people celebrating, the event deserves more than the standard social media greetings most brands confine themselves to. It’s an ideal time for a big brand to invest in a big, emotional campaign which can build Fame, Feeling and Fluency. This is the opportunity Coca-Cola wants to take. Continue reading

The Christmas Star

At BrainJuicer we couldn’t help noticing that Christmas advertising in the UK has got a whole lot more emotional in recent years. The now yearly event of the ‘Christmas John Lewis ad’ is a case in point, and nearly every big retailer this year has thrown its emotional hat into the ring. Over recent weeks we’ve tested a number of Christmas ads using our award-winning ComMotion approach and we’re able to share a couple of the findings. Continue reading