Say Hello To System1

As you might have read on advertising news sites, the BrainJuicer Group is launching its own creative agency. System1 – Feel More: Buy More is the first creative agency to guarantee ROI to its clients.

Why are we doing this? How are we doing it? What makes us think we even can? Read on!


The best advertising is brilliantly emotional, creative advertising that makes people feel more. Because if they feel more, they buy more.

That’s the mantra BrainJuicer has lived by since we started testing emotional advertising close to a decade ago. We’ve tested thousands of ads since then – digital, TV, print and poster – and we know that it works. Putting emotion at the centre of copy testing is the tried-and-true way to deliver ROI.

It’s become a bit of a mission, to be honest. We don’t just test ads for our clients, looking for ways to make them more emotional, we spend our own money every year testing hundreds of other ads from round the world, looking for entries in our FeelMore50 list. Why?

Because emotional ads work best, and we think there should be more of them.

And you know what people say about wanting something done. Sometimes, you have to do it yourself!

Hence System1 – Feel More: Buy More. A creative agency dedicated to crafting emotional advertising for its clients. System1 will be a sister company and client of BrainJuicer, putting all its prospective ads up for testing before they get presented to  clients, and continuing to rework the ideas until they hit a minimum level of quality. Every ad System1 makes is an ad it knows will work effectively and efficiency. In other words, guaranteed ROI.

That’s what System1 is. Just as important is what it isn’t. System1 is not a bunch of BrainJuicer researchers thinking they can make great ads. We believe that testing helps ads, but we don’t believe the testers know how to make them. So System1 is a separate organisation, headed by the fantastic Rod Connors, former Unilever and Nike Marketing Director and founder of The BSG agency. It’s supported by an advisory board of top industry figures including Kellogg’s VP Marketing Peter Soer, HHM creative partner Adrian Holmes and head of Herd consultancy Mark Earls. And it will draw on a poll of the freshest and best freelancer talent in the UK and worldwide.

Everyone at BrainJuicer is enormously excited to see System1 launch. And, of course, to check out the highly emotional work it will be producing. Good luck Rod and the team!

Introducing FeelMore Ad of the Moment

Hi friends, my name is Evan Werdal, a Marketing Associate here at BrainJuicer, and I help coordinate the FeelMore50™ ranking each year. I’ll be guest posting periodically on anything advertising – the good, the bad and the ugly – in the lead up to FeelMore50™ 2016.

As some of you may know, the FeelMore50™ is an annual ranking of the most effective (read: emotional) ads from around the world. We mine award winners – think Cannes, Effies, Epica, Spikes, Jay Chiat, – industry publications, and monitor the Unruly Viral Video chart to compile a list of spots from 6 of the 7 continents. We test ads year round in preparation for the big launch in January. This year we’ve decided to present great ads as we test them –  these “Ads of the Moment” are emotional winners that are sure to make the next iteration of FeelMore50™. Our first Ad of the Moment is Android and Droga5’s  “Friends Furever”.

This popular spot featured in Adweek Ad of the Day, amongst other “best of” type charts, evokes nothing but happiness throughout its 62 seconds, and is even peppered with hints of nostalgia, thanks to its soundtrack – a perfectly appropriate “Oo-De-Lally” by Roger Miller. Lacking any voiceover whatsoever, the visuals and music do all the talking. I think the spot demonstrates the incredibly cliché (but true) rule of thumb, less is more. Even the song itself is a study in minimalist songwriting, it’s just acoustic guitar and Miller’s voice, allowing the tenderness of the tune to shine. In fact,“Oo-De-Lally” was actually originally used for the soundtrack of 1973’s Robin Hood produced by Disney – like I said, it’s a perfect choice for this spot. It’s no wonder why it scored a 5-Star rating with an EiA of 84.54. Droga5, Android’s creative agency, did a great job of presenting what could be seen as a safe concept in an entertaining and certainly enjoyable way.


The ad’s effectiveness is in its simple, powerful message as well as its emotional appeal. “Friends Furever” foregoes harping on any sort of USP or brand differentiation, instead opting for a UHT (Universal Human Truth), evident in the ad’s tagline, “Be Together. Not The Same.” The unlikely friendships featured in the spot undoubtedly illustrate the virtues of togetherness, leaving you with that warm and furry, err – I mean, fuzzy feeling.

FeelMore Ads of the Moment are tested using ComMotion ®, our award-winning proprietary ad testing tool: the only major ad testing product to use emotion as the foundation of its model. To learn more about emotional advertising and our methodology, contact BrainJuicer.

It’s Our Birthday!

It was fifteen years ago today Sgt Kearon found the juicy way! Yes, we’re 15, and we’re off celebrating at the inaugural BrainJuicer Movie Morning (showcasing the best ads of 2014 on the big screen) but the Chief Juicer has given an interview to that other champion of maverick research Lenny Murphy – in which he talks about BrainJuicer’s origins, what he’s learned, and his opinions on the state of the industry.


But there’s more! Like any fifteen year old worth their salt, we’ve been busy staying up and writing dodgy poetry – and you can see the results in our anniversary booklet, The 15 Things Every Modern Marketer Should Know About Famous Brand Building. You’ve seen free books of marketing advice before – but this one’s better. And, indeed, verse.

Go have a read online – or get hold of a physical copy if you’re at a BrainJuicer event this year. That’s just the start of our literary aspirations for 2015… but enough of that for now. Enjoy the FeelMore50, enjoy the booklet, and we’ll be back after the party to kick off the next fifteen years of juicy ideas!

Thanks to all our readers for reading the Brian Juicer Blog, and thanks to all the brave marketers and researchers who’ve helped BrainJuicer grow into what it is.

Our Best Blog Posts Of 2013

It’s been a fine year for the Brian Juicer Blog – we more than doubled our readership and views from 2012 – and it feels like a good time to spotlight the posts you liked most this year. A countdown, no less, of our most popular content this year!

10. Packaging – The Plain Truth? The Australian government has introduced Plain Packaging laws on cigarettes – this post took a look at the intitial results. It’s ambiguous whether the packs are reducing tobacco consumption – but they do seem to be making it less enjoyable, which raises a whole different set of questions…

9. Doctor Who And The Anchoring Effect Back in November, the BBC announced it had recovered some of the “missing episodes” of long-running sci-fi show Doctor Who – but not quite as many as had been rumoured. The reactions were a perfect encapsulation of psychology’s “anchoring effect”….

8. Research And Big Data: Seven Roads To Enlightenment In February, BrainJuicer partnered with the AMA to organise the first ever Analytics With Purpose conference. (The second one is coming up!) Here, conference chair Tom Ewing summarised the themes of the conference and of research’s relationship to big data.

7. Moving The Elephant If you’ve seen one of our Webinars this year (and if you haven’t, check them out!) you’ve probably seen “the elephant and the rider” – our favourite metaphor for decision making. This is the post which explains why we like it and where it comes from.

6. When Stories Suck The more specific a story is, the more likely it is to be believed… but the less likely it is to be true. This post looks at the dark side of “storytelling” and its dire implications for common research techniques like segmentation.

Any excuse, frankly.

Any excuse, frankly.

5. Taming The Panda “Brand Trackers are the Giant Pandas of research”. ‘Nuff said.

4. Eight Days Of Emotion Emotions matter – so back in March we took the opportunity to throw a spotlight on each of our basic emotions in turn. This master post collected the series – find out which ads use sadness best, the difference between contempt and anger for a brand, and the uses of happiness (and lots more).

And now, the top 3…. Continue reading