Who Is Brian Juicer?

Hi there!

I’m Brian Juicer. What’s that? BrainJuicer? No – BRIAN Juicer. Look – here I am!

Me looking dapper

I’m the guide, concierge, advisor, search engine operator, adorable mascot, peace-keeper, space-travelling, all around great guy over at www.brainjuicer.com

Get Juiced

I also run their blog. The one you’ve ended up on. Well done on your excellent blog choice! BrainJuicer is all about taking mind-expanding stuff from behavioural economics, psychology, and decision science and applying it to marketing, branding and research. So that’s what I talk about.

My ramblings are largely dictated to Tom Ewing, Content Director at BrainJuicer. I’m certainly not him, though. I’m far more smartly dressed. And he has a neck.

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