Get Ready For The 2016 FeelMore 50!

Next Tuesday we’ll be unveiling our latest set of FeelMore50 results – the Top 50 most emotional ads released or given awards in 2016, from all around the world. Visitors can expect laughing horses and disguised dogs, stressed Moms and obsessed Dads, and plenty of other routes to Feeling taken by advertisers over the past year.


This year for the first time we’re also including our new Micro Rankings – sub-charts broken down by media, so you can see the most emotional and effective long-form, short-form and purely digital advertising. We’re doing this because there’s never been a better time to take a hard look at the emotional efficiency and long-term branding potential of digital ads in particular.

With Super Bowl digital slots going for $700,000 apiece and influencer marketing costs spiralling into 6 or 7 figures, the Wild West era of digital is over. That means a shift in strategy. It means the pure “publish and iterate” strategy (or to be less fancy, “throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks”) is playing with fire when the costs of reaching a wide audience are so high.

At the very least, you need to know what’s going to work ahead of time. Digital is still cheaper than broadcast media advertising – but it isn’t cheap. So testing creative before you hit publish is smarter than ever. You need to be able to spot highly sticky, shareable, and sales-boosting creative in advance to help you get the most from your investment and make safer bets. And if you’ve got a 5-star winner, stick with it and spread it far and wide!

Meanwhile, digital measurement hasn’t moved with the times – hence the uproar over ad fraud and calls (like that of P&G’s Mark Pritchard) for platforms and ad exchanges to get their acts together. Digital work is more sophisticated than ever but too often measurement falls back on thinly disguised measures of ‘buzz’. Testing helps you get ahead of that – measuring not just the earned media potential of your creative but its short term sales activation potential too. At BrainJuicer, our Digital ad testing – showcased in the FeelMore50 – can’t fraud-proof your media plan but we can offer the next best thing: helping you get to 5-Star creative work so you know that when you do reach an audience, brand growth will follow.

As the boundaries between old and new media continue to blur, we believe the next phase of digital is an appreciation of online comms’ potential for long-term brand growth. We’re unashamed evangelists for this. Brand building communications means emotional communications, which means more entertaining work, better storytelling, and more Feeling. That isn’t just good for brands, it’s good for consumers and the whole industry. And it’s exactly what our FeelMore 50 rankings celebrate.


Go on, tell us how you feel!

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