Super Bowl Ad Testing: WHY We’re Testing Every Ad LIVE on Sunday

It’s almost time for Super Bowl, which means it’s almost time for our groundbreaking LIVE testing of every Super Bowl ad. As you might have heard, we’ve teamed up with ZappiStore to test the ads in real time. During the match, our Facebook page will be hosting several five-minute live webcasts bringing you up to date on each quarter’s best performing ads (and maybe even a bit of game-appropriate content too..!). Meanwhile, we’ll be posting results as they come in on our Twitter, and writing analysis right here on the blog.

What you might not know is why we’re doing this.

First, because we can. Fast, accurate, actionable testing is what every marketer needs. ZappiStore has the technology, and BrainJuicer the methodology, to provide it.

Second, because the Super Bowl is special. It’s traditionally the moment in the American advertising calendar when brands and agencies make their best, biggest and most emotional commercials. Every year our FeelMore50 list of the world’s most emotional ads shows heavy Super Bowl presence. So it’s the perfect showcase for emotional ad testing and we want to be able to talk about the winners, losers and trends as they happen.

And third, because LIVE is one of the themes of this year’s Super Bowl. Snickers are showing a live ad starring Star Wars actor Adam Driver – the first live ad at Super Bowl for decades. And Hyundai are making and editing an ad during the game to be screened just after. In a world where content moves faster than ever, testing has to match it.

We really hope you can join us for this very special event.  Here’s how to get involved:

Follow us on Facebook so the live broadcasts show up in your stream.

Follow our FeelMore50 Twitter account.

And if you’ve already made plans for game night and can’t fit us in, don’t worry.  We’ll be Monday morning quarterbacking too, with a webinar the next day which you can register for.


Go on, tell us how you feel!

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