Super Bowl Ad Testing: Live like you’ve never seen it done before!


Everyone’s excited to watch the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots battle it out on February 5th to decide who will be crowned Super Bowl LI Champs.  But that’s not all we are excited about. We also tune in to see which brands will leave us talking about their advertising the most.  Who’s going to make us LOL, smirk or even cry, we will find out in a few short weeks.

There is no shortage of updates in the industry from AdWeek’s Super Bowl Ad Tracker and Ad Age’s Ad Chart  providing details on the brands, the spots (as they are leaked or posted) and the agencies working to the 11th hour on the creative. There are even reports of Fox rejecting an ad for being “too political”, so the advertiser is going to air it online the day before the game.  Now that’s an interesting way to harness digital to maximize media spend!

There is always punditry and “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” on which brands fumbled and which ones threw touchdowns. USA Today’s Ad Meter has a second-by-second ticker counting down to the moment consumers can sign up to be panelists rating the ads. They publish the rankings the next day.

Once again BrainJuicer and our research automation platform partner, ZappiStore, are suiting up for the game to test the Super Bowl Ads. But this time, we are going be testing all of the Super Bowl ads LIVE (using the ZappiStore Pro platform) and reporting  the results in REALTIME,  quarter by quarter.

Alex Hunt and Brent Snider from BrainJuicer and Julio Franco from ZappiStore will video stream commentary on FaceBook Live from our “sports-like anchor desk” in New York as the results come in each quarter!  Tom Ewing, who is usually comfortably ensconced in the UK, will be Live Blogging in New York with the team as the game unfolds.

We’re also doing a joint webinar  the next day to showcase the results so please check it out!

We’re very curious to find out which ad from Super Bowl LI will top last year’s Dorito Dogs by PepsiCo [top ad of the Super Bowl 2016 ranking in FeelMore50™].  But more than that, we want to show that the right kind of ad testing can be highly effective building and measuring 5-Star marketing, and identifying ads that are most likely to drive profitable growth for the brands with the courage to make them.

Join us Sunday night, Febraury 5th for FeelMore50 and Super Bowl LI! Live and in RealTime.


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