The Future Of Insights Project is HERE

We’ve been looking forward to posting this one! Last year we did some work with the World Federation of Advertisers on a very juicy topic – the future of the insights business. With 2016 being the 100th birthday of market research (don’t believe us? read the report!) we thought it was time to take a look at what’s coming up NEXT. Today the Future Of Insights Project releases its core report. And it’s fascinating.

WFA report photo

Chief Juicer John Kearon launches the report in Kuala Lumpur.

There are a few “research on research” studies knocking around and most of them have interesting things to say. What makes the WFA one particularly exciting?

  • NO AGENCIES. We only asked research buyers and end users, so you’re getting the lowdown on what works and what doesn’t from the people who have to use insights every day: senior marketers and insight team leaders.
  • COMMERCIAL ADVANTAGE: Some methodology surveys focus on identifying up-and-coming techniques. That’s great, but what’s delivering real business advantage right now? So that’s what we asked about – which new methods were proving their commercial worth.
  • EMOTIONAL INSIGHT: It wouldn’t be a BrainJuicer partner project without a bit of emotion. The Future of Insight study cuts through the rationalisation and gets at what working in, and with, insight teams actually feels like. The results are illuminating, instructive… and not always pretty.
  • CORE BELIEFS: The intellectual ground of market research has been shifting over the last decade. Which 20th century research beliefs are still insight gospel – and which have been overturned? Uniquely, the study digs into the assumptions that underpin insight work.

We’ve loved putting this together for our WFA partners, and we think you’ll be hearing a lot more about this study in 2016. Get in on the ground floor and download the free PDF right now.

Happy reading, and here’s to the future of insights!


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