It’s Our Birthday!

It was fifteen years ago today Sgt Kearon found the juicy way! Yes, we’re 15, and we’re off celebrating at the inaugural BrainJuicer Movie Morning (showcasing the best ads of 2014 on the big screen) but the Chief Juicer has given an interview to that other champion of maverick research Lenny Murphy – in which he talks about BrainJuicer’s origins, what he’s learned, and his opinions on the state of the industry.


But there’s more! Like any fifteen year old worth their salt, we’ve been busy staying up and writing dodgy poetry – and you can see the results in our anniversary booklet, The 15 Things Every Modern Marketer Should Know About Famous Brand Building. You’ve seen free books of marketing advice before – but this one’s better. And, indeed, verse.

Go have a read online – or get hold of a physical copy if you’re at a BrainJuicer event this year. That’s just the start of our literary aspirations for 2015… but enough of that for now. Enjoy the FeelMore50, enjoy the booklet, and we’ll be back after the party to kick off the next fifteen years of juicy ideas!

Thanks to all our readers for reading the Brian Juicer Blog, and thanks to all the brave marketers and researchers who’ve helped BrainJuicer grow into what it is.


Go on, tell us how you feel!

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