FEELMORE AD SPOTLIGHT #5: Turkish Airlines – “Dreams”

In the FeelMore Ad Spotlight we post about an ad we’ve tested that made people feel more. This ad is number two in the Global FeelMore50 – the definitive list of emotional ads that kicked up a commotion in 2014.

It’s an ad! It’s a plane! It’s Turkish Airlines! They’re the brand behind the latest in our series of ads from around the world that we’ve tested and that have emerged five-star winners: some of the most emotionally effective commercials of 2014.

This one’s about four kids and a shared dream – they want a Turkish Airlines plane to land near them. Give it a look.

“Dreams” – directed by Bahadir Karatas for Lowe Istanbul – is a really charming ad, happy to let its story unfold slowly, confident viewers will be captivated by the widescreen landscapes and dramatic shots of aeroplanes. (And the determination of its child stars – none of them actors). It brings to life the wonder of flying, and is a great example of a brand addressing a negative element head-on. Obviously criticised for not servicing enough of Turkey domestically, the airline has made an ad that’s an emotional promise to do better, not a boring, claim-heavy response.

It’s also a very local ad – while the emotional approach to service could be an inspiration to any brand, the issue of domestic flight coverage is a specific one for this market and this airline. Emotional ads that are globally successful are a holy grail for marketers. But five-star winners can tap into local aspirations and situations too. “Dreams” is a classic example.

Ads in the FeelMore Ad Spotlight are tested using ComMotion ®, our award-winning proprietary ad testing tool: the only major ad testing product to use emotion as the foundation of its model. To learn more about emotional advertising and our methodology, contact BrainJuicer.


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