Door No.18: PM to AM

The 18th of BrainJuicer’s Advent Experiments…

The Experiment: For a research company, improvement is as important a goal as discovery. Experimenting to find new ways of doing things goes hand in hand with experiments to find better ways of doing things. This is especially important as “new” can sometimes be seen as “risky”, “expensive”, or “difficult”.

So at BrainJuicer were particularly excited at the idea of experimenting with one of our most established and successful solutions, Predictive Markets, with the goal of seeing how far we could improve the turnaround time. Predictive Markets use the “wisdom of crowds” to find successful concepts, and we set ourselves a simple goal: we wanted clients to be able to launch a test one day (in the PM) and get the results the next morning (in the AM).

The specialist in overnight delivery.

Could we achieve this Santa-like speed?

The Results: Thanks to the imagination and hard work of our operations team in Shoreham, UK, we did it – taking a client from brief to results in under 48 hours, with fieldwork launch to results happening, as planned, overnight.

And then – because experiments are all about replicability! – we did it again. We can now offer this fast-turnaround product – the PMAM – on a wider basis (get in touch if you’re interested in testing concepts).

Speed is always a hot topic in the research industry, so it may be worth offering a tip or two based on our successful implementation here. The main thing we learned is that to make fast-turnaround research work beyond the most simple questions, you have to be utterly ruthless with the level of customisation and completely straightforward in terms of expectations. We’ve come to think of “adding value” as meaning doing something extra – but in this kind of research the added value is the speed, and bolting extra things on can ruin that.


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