Identity over facts – Anna

If you’re taking part in Movember this year (i.e. growing a moustache in support of men’s health charities), you may want to look over your appointment book to see what kind of people you have arranged to meet with. According to this article on the BBC, however sound your argument and however many facts you present, if they’re not happy with the cut of your beard, they will not be able to bring themselves to agree with you.

Meanwhile, I'd agree with anything this guy says

We’re probably all aware to some degree of the biasing effect of your preconception of the identity of the speaker on whether you agree with them. But it’s not as simple as not liking beards much – ‘cultural cognition’ is the term given to the way we form beliefs based on our existing visions of the world and how we prefer to read signals that reinforce this view. And the appearance of a person plays a big part in communicating to us either a shared or discordant view.

Michael Blastland’s short column on the BBC is a nice quick dip into how this effect is being taken into consideration when analysing research data. It might also make you reconsider what clothes to wear before that important client meeting…


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