Yes we Kahn(eman)!

A rave review of Kahneman’s new book – ‘thinking fast and slow’.  Although not the first dual-process thinker, Kahneman has done more than anyone else to explore and communicate the workings of our two systems of thought aka system 1 and system 2. It’s easy to get carried away talking about ourselves as irrational, but we need to put it in context.  The article makes an important distinction when it notes is that we are not always irrational, and whilst system 1 is our greatest source of irrationality it is not irrational all the time, for example the expert firefighter who can ‘tell’ the building is about to explode but doesn’t know why he thinks that.

His writing has underpinned a lot of our thinking in labs especially with regards to ComMotion and I think this book will continue to inspire us in the future.  RECOMMENDED READING.

“Kahneman presents our thinking process as consisting of two systems. System 1 (Thinking Fast) is unconscious, intuitive and effort-free. System 2 (Thinking Slow) is conscious, uses deductive reasoning and is an awful lot of work. System 2 likes to think it is in charge but it’s really the irrepressible System 1 that runs the show. There is simply too much going on in our lives for System 2 to analyse everything. System 2 has to pick its moments with care; it is “lazy” out of necessity.”

And what’s that? A Kahneman quiz??


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