Man walks into a bar… – Peter

…and forgets where he is.

New research has shown that the act of merely passing through a doorway can make us forget. As we enter a new room psychologically we enter a new ‘episode’, and find it harder to recall events from the previous episode. The article also refers an earlier study where people found it harder to recall which sentence followed a target sentence if it began with ‘a while later…’.

Interesting how the mind segments events and how this corresponds to memory, it’s a fairly short leap to some of the logic behind implicit association methodologies and some of the principles behind the context gap that I talk about in my research games presentation (for those that have seen it).  I also wonder that if we want people to ‘remember’ particular events or brands their memory will be improved if we (metaphorically or literally) put them in the same room.


One thought on “Man walks into a bar… – Peter

  1. I’ve heard a show once – RadioLab from WNYC – about blinking, and some researchers believe today that blinking is our way to ‘turn the page’ on our memory, it’s the way we punctuate what our senses write to our short term memory. Apparently it has nothing to do with lubricating your eyeballs and so. Some experiences demonstrated that memory assimilation is compromised without blinking. Another one, very cool one, showed that people blink at the same moments while watching the same film!

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