Still Splitting the Brain – Anna

The new RSA Animate is up! For the uninitiated, this is a series where talks given at the Royal Society of Arts are cut down to roughly 10 minutes and illustrated using a ‘live’ (heavily edited) drawing/animation hybrid. They’re often great introductions to and/or overviews of the topic, and the animation makes the content almost literally come alive.

This latest video is on the physical split of the brain – an update on the now discredited viewpoint that the right and left hemispheres of the brain are split into reason and emotion. Rather, Iain McGilchrist explains, while they do perform separate functions, it is the collaboration of the two that makes us who we are and enables both reason and emotion. He also argues that the Western world has moved to appreciate one hemisphere more than the other and that this is regrettable.

Sys1/Sys2 thinking is often confused with this topic, so watching this might be of some use the next time someone asks you to clarify the difference…


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