New IPA Shortlist Announced – Peter

The new shortlist tells a fascinating story about the future of advertising both in terms of channel and philosophy. For those of you who are interested in the role of behavioural economics, gaming and social media it’s well worth a read. I’ve included 4 highlights below with some comments from me.  It’s good to see that with all the new approaches and thinking in advertising,  goold old consumer insights still play a central role in many submissions!

Behavioural economics:  Reciprosity – Our “instinct” for reciprocity is linked to a human desire for fairness and a commitment to return favours.

 Organ Donor Register, by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO — ‘When it’s better to receive than to give’

The task was to launch the first ever UK campaign to increase the number of registrations on the Organ Donor Register (ODR) from 16m to 25m in three years, specifically generating 37,600  registrations in the first five weeks. Insight reframed the problem: organ donation was not about altruistic giving, but about reciprocation, people will give because they want to receive. The campaign put people in the mindset of the recipient, and in doing so was able to generate sufficient empathy as well as self-interest to encourage them to register. The results were impressive. The campaign exceeded the previous year’s registrations by 400%; is likely to have helped save five lives, which at a financial cost of a life saved in a society of nearly £1m, gave a ROMI of 4:1.


Games – I downloaded this a while ago, it’s great!  Through playing the game you begin to empathise with the character iHobo and therefore learn more about the real issues they face.  This is very close to our philosophy in labs about how we can use games as a means to change people’s mindset, allowing us to understand how they behave under different circumstances.  Download it for free on your iPhone.

 Depaul UK, by Publicis — ‘iHobo’

For a number of years Depaul UK has attempted to recruit younger donors to counteract its shrinking donor base. Previous press and radio campaigns yielded only modest results. In 2010 Depaul UK developed an iPhone application that could help it reach out to a younger audience. iHobo required users to take care of a virtual homeless person for three days. Despite no paid media coverage the app was downloaded 600,000 times, delivering 95 times more new donors than previous campaigns. It has added 1,021 young people to the Depaul UK database who have a potential combined lifetime donation value of as much as £1.5m.


Customer insight – really imaginative use of a customer insight, with a multi-channel delivery

Aquafresh Kids, by MediaCom and Kids Industries  — ‘Helping mum win the bedtime battle’

Aquafresh Kids sales have increased by 144% in the past four years. This success came through understanding that for mums, getting their kids to brush their teeth and go to bed is a nightmare. Communications aimed to help mum win the bedtime battle. So the Nurdles, three lovable characters, were created who helped make brushing fun. Through songs, books, virtual worlds and instore events, Aquafresh permeated kids’ culture. The campaign has driven incremental sales of £3.5m with a payback of £1.41, and is now the blueprint for Aquafresh Kids worldwide.


Authenticity Feels like there’s a big trend at the moment for authenticity and transparency (think about phone tapping, MPs expenses, Wikileaks etc) brands that can prove they walk the talk will be stronger.  Cindy Gallup believes this to be the future of advertising – worth checking out her site which is based on actions rather than messages.

 First direct, by Mindshare — ‘first direct live’ 

By 2009, first direct faced a long-term decline in brand awareness and consideration, and their position as most recommended bank was under threat. The solution was to make prospective customers understand its services in a truthful and transparent way. first direct became the first brand to find out what its customers were saying online and broadcast it live and unedited through advertising. The campaign’s success has driven a 100% uplift in consideration, 55% uplift in share of new current accounts as well as a profit ROMI of £1.54.


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