Monkeying Around – Peter

I admit it.  I was confused.  This video of a monkey with a gun looks real, but it’s so far fetched it can’t be.  Can it?  Maybe it can?   I didn’t know 20th Century Fox did nature documentaries…

Hold on a minute, this has become the most shared branded viral for the month of July?

Now it all becomes clear!!

This is a really interesting idea, sending out teasers that don’t advertise a film but start to tell its story and make you feel a part of it.  It would be interesting to know how many people knew it was for Planet of the Apes. Judging by the comments on YouTube some people have guessed it’s a ‘troll’ for Planet of the Apes, normally this would be a bad thing (remember my neurowater post from a couple of weeks ago?) but in this case I think it is more a testament to it’s realism on one hand, with complete fantasy on the other.  What effect would have a ‘Planet of the Apes: Coming soon’ screen had?  I think it would have destroyed  the fantasy and reduced the longevity of its emotional impact, it would have moved from a talking point amongst friends to a good ad.  It will be interesting to see if other films do something similar in future.


One thought on “Monkeying Around – Peter

  1. It’s a powerful way to advertise -using the puzzlement of viewers – but relies on a very assured brand. We have to be able to make the connection from aggressive apes to the Planet dominated by apes. I’d love to see the market feedback on this.

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