Kraft Spreading Smiles – Anna

Kraft have embraced the emotional benefit of associating your brand with a smile, and launched a marketing campaign focused on a web browser plugin aiming to help people spread not just internet links that have made them happy, but also pictures of their happy faces as they look at the links. The result is a searchable database where they suggest you can even filter results based on different types of smile.

This feeds somewhat off the internet meme of posting YouTube videos of people’s reactions to other YouTube videos, but also attempts to tap into social media sharing habits and ultimately the human need for inclusion: the application is introduced at first by referring to those moments you walk past someone laughing at their computer and wonder what it is they’re reacting to.

Whether this encourages people to upload pictures of their grinning faces is another question… But the emotional halo effect Kraft are looking for seems pretty clear.


Go on, tell us how you feel!

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