News of the World on Twitter – Peter

Was it the advertisers pulling out of News of the World (NOTW) that finally tipped it over the edge?  Wearesocial have done some interesting analysis on the way that brands got dragged into the NOTW saga, concerned people (from places like mumsnet) called on NOTW’s advertisers to pull out, and soon 25% of tweets mentioning NOTW were also mentioning one of these target brands resulting in them pulling adverts from NOTW.  Clearly NOTW’s brand had now become toxic and marketers were concerned that it might rub off onto them!  It’s interesting that the Co-operative was the number one bombarded brand – presumably because it has an ethical image seemlingly at odds with NOTW’s.

Not anymore you ain't

By ending NOTW News International will hope that they’ve got rid of the toxicity, but it didn’t take Twitter long to start talking about how had been registered two days prior to the NOTW announcement (The Sun is NOTW’s weekly sister paper).  If News International do launch such a paper (and it seems hard to believe they wouldn’t have a Sunday tabloid) it will be interesting to see how it detaches itself from NOTW, especially as many of the senior execs from NOTW have kept their jobs…  How long do they have to wait before the launch?



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