Gamification of Education – Peter

Just stumbled across this article by Eric Bruenner about the Khan Academy.  The Khan Academy is trying to help people of all ages to access education in a fun and relevant way, you can see the influence of gamification on the design on the course.  You receive instant feedback on your answers, lessons are placed in a map so you can monitor your own progression and points are rewarded for various achievements – or reduced if you need a hint.  It’s not just the mechanics – the aethetic design of the course (such as the maps) reinforce its playful nature, and the linguistic tone is simple yet inspiring – there’s a strong sense that they’re on a purposeful mission (with help from the Gates Foundation).


This is a great example of how an entire industry can learn from game design thinking to offer an alternative to the way it is currently organised.  In Labs we’re currently working on what gamification means for market research, seeing this example of a parallel industry adopting gaming is really inspiring to see!

Have a go – it’s free and you might just learn something!


One thought on “Gamification of Education – Peter

  1. Salmon Khan’s TED presentation is incredible and inspiring. I’ve shared his story and the Khan academy with everyone I know in the education sphere. It’s the first instance I’ve personally heard of where someone acknowledged that kids today want to learn but need to be communicated differently than traditional methods. He’s the first person to embrace social networking and the internet as a means to educate rather than condemn these tools as “distractions”. Truly inspiring stuff.

    Also, I’ve mastered subtracting decimals apparently. How far along are you?

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