Super Bowl 50: The 10 Best Ads, The 5 Biggest Myths

The pundits said that humour would dominate Super Bowl 50. And while there wasn’t much to smile about if you were a Carolina Panthers fan, for everyone else the pundits were exactly right. Many of the Top 10 ads of the 2016 Super Bowl go straight for the funnybone. And that’s good news – ads that make people feel more also make people buy more, and little feels better than laughter.

We were able to test all the night’s ads overnight thanks to our research partners ZappiStore, and can reveal that a mighty eight ads hit our 5-Star rating (in total, around 4% of all ads get this score.) There were duds too – though let’s be fair, if you’ve made an ad starring a man in a human-size toenail fungus suit, “feelgood” may not be what you’re aiming for. But here’s a quick tour of some of the 4- and 5-star winners in the Top 10 – and along the way, a gentle puncturing of five persistent Super Bowl myths. Continue reading

Comedy vs Sadvertising? At Super Bowl 50, It’s All About The Feeling

The Super Bowl is a festival of advertising as well as sport. And it’s not only screen time the two share. Just like the game, the ads get picked over and criticised by a raft of eager pundits. Which means that each year, a media narrative builds up. Last year, we were told, was the year of “sadvertising” – when the Super Bowl ads got emotional to the point of becoming too emotional.

And inevitably, this year is the year when humour comes back to the Bowl. Short, funny commercials. Big stars. Bigger laughs. That’s the Super Bowl 50 story. Is it true?

Everyone loves a narrative. As Jonathan Haidt puts it, “We are story processors, not logic processors”. So the Rebirth of humour at the Super Bowl is a story people can get behind.

But just like last year, it isn’t quite so simple. Continue reading

Scale, Speed and Best-In-Class Advert Testing for Super Bowl 50

No sooner have we put up our annual list of last year’s most emotional ads in FeelMore50™, than it’s time to start thinking about this year. And the starter pistol each year for advertising that makes you feel more is, of course, the Super Bowl. Super Bowl 50 is almost upon us, and we’ll be testing over 45 of the commercials that air, hunting for the night’s emotional victors.

Later in the week we’ll put a preview up on this blog with our pre-game analysis of Super Bowl ad trends – and maybe a few tips. And then we’ll have our traditional post-game Webinar, ‘What Consumers Felt Were Emotional Highs and Lows in the Game Day Ads!’ – which you are, of course, invited to attend for free. But for Super Bowl 50, there’s a big difference. In recent years we’ve run the post-game Webinar a few weeks after the game, once our results were in and analysed.

Feelmore superbowl

This year, we’re doing it the very next day. We are going to put the commercials into test the night of the game, and get the results in a matter of hours, ready for analysis by our expert team. Continue reading

FeelMore50 World Tour: UK – An Opportunity In Waiting

Our region-by-region tour of this year’s FeelMore50 list of the world’s most emotional ads concludes with a visit to the UK. Check out our overviews of Asia, North America, Latin America and Continental Europe too!

There are some fine ads in the UK FeelMore Top 10, with Christmas proving, as usual, a source of many of the best British commercials. But strip away the tinsel and a different story emerges. This was not a banner year for emotional advertising in the UK. Only six ads hit 4-Star status, and only two make it on to the main FeelMore50 list.


Hats off to Mars’ charming Celebrations Xmas ad, with its living ornaments, and to the UK winner, Welcome To Kitten Kollege, in which Whiskas combined cuteness and deadpan British humour to happy effect. Continue reading

FeelMore50 World Tour: Europe – Advertising With Style

We continue our region-by-region tour of this year’s FeelMore50 list of emotional advertising with a look at Continental Europe.

In 2014, Europe gave us our FeelMore50 winner, the unforgettable and hilarious “Emma” by Le Trefle.

This year, European agencies continue to prove themselves masters of the traditional TV spot. If you want 30 seconds or a minutes’ worth of storytelling and fun, Europe will deliver. Continue reading

FeelMore50 World Tour: Latin America – A Region Of Experiment

Continuing our region-by-region spotlight on this year’s FeelMore50 list of the world’s most emotional ads. Today – Latin America.

If there’s a theme to the most emotional ads of 2015 in Latin American markets, it’s the power of technology.

In Milka’s “Most Tender Selfies” – the region’s number one emotional ad, from Argentina – it helps elderly couples celebrate a lifetime of love (and show their goofier sides!) Continue reading

FeelMore50 World Tour: North America – It’s Not Just The Super Bowl

All week we are putting a spotlight on the regional winners in our annual FeelMore50 list of the world’s most emotional ads. Today, it’s North America’s turn.

For the last two years of the Feelmore50, the best US ad has also been the top Super Bowl ad. And in each case, we’ve given the same advice. Why can’t the biggest market on the planet get emotional for the other 364 days of the advertising year?

This year, our dreams came true. 2015 has been the strongest year for US ads on the FeelMore50 – packed with five star creativity and more emotional than ever. And this year, the top Super Bowl ad – McDonalds’ “Pay With Lovin’” came ninth on the final US list. In the year that commentators fretted over a seen-it-all-before evening of Super Bowl commercials, the real story is that American creativity finally left the game behind to shine all year round. Continue reading